Cyber Insurance Protection

If you are connected to the internet you need to be protected against all cyber threats, no matter what business you are in!

  • Website Design Agencies
  • Retailers
  • Hospitality
  • Tradies With Smart Phones
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Transport / Logistics
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology
  • Health Care / Social Assistance
  • Wholesalers
  • Sporting / Voluntary Groups
  • 24 hour claims assistance

Our experienced team of Cyber Insurance Experts are protecting businesses throughout North Queensland!

Cyber Insurance protects your business against the threat of internet-based intrusion, which can not only expose you and your business but also the sensitive client information your business may hold.  A single cyber breach can cost your business, not only in significant financial loss, but in loss of reputation.  Cyber Insurance is a vital part of your risk management practices.

Cyber insurance cover is focused on protecting your business.

A hacker or a global network of hackers may have already gained access to one of your many online devices and simply be hiding in plain sight. They may have already installed spyware without your knowledge,  harvesting your data in silence.

Having the correct cyber insurance in place is vital in protecting your business.  Cyber cover is designed to help recover the loss or theft of your sensitive data and that of your clients.  More and more businesses are being hacked.  Ensure you are adequately protected.

Cyber Extortion

Hackers can steal your information and demand money to release it back to you. Cyber Insurance can pay these ransom costs and the costs of preventing further attacks in the future.

Privacy Data Breach

Cyber Insurance covers the high costs of rectifying a cyber attack against your business, which can result in the exposure of all your client’s confidential and private data information. 

Cyber Crime

Designed to help cover the direct financial losses you may suffer following malicious or unauthorised access to your computer, laptop and even smartphones.

Point of Sale Intrusion

If you are a retail business using point of sale systems your customers may be exposed to remote attacks against retail transactions. Cyber insurance is a must.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering scams trick people into divulging confidential information, and are becoming more and more sophisticated.  Cyber insurance can meet any resultant financial loss and rectification costs.

Business Interruption Cover

Can meet your lost business revenue as a result of a cyber event.  It may also meet any costs essential in reducing the financial loss to your business such as IT costs to retrieve lost data.

We Offer A Full Range Of Insurance Solutions

Northern Insurance Solutions can assist with all of your Business and Personal Insurance needs.

Business Package

Allows you to package business property,  stock,  liability and much, much  more into a single policy.

Commercial Motor

We can assist with all of your commercial motor needs.   From light vehicles to heavy trucks and machinery!

Professional Indemnity

If your business provides advice or a professional service to your clients,  you may need Professional Indemnity!

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