Personal Insurance

Our team of experienced insurance specialists can assist with all of your personal insurance needs.

How we can assist with your Personal Insurance needs!

We know how complex insurance can be.  Being North Queenslanders we are also exposed to higher than average insurance premiums.   So it make sense to seek the advice of specialists who live and breath insurance.

We see our role as helping make your life easier,  any way we can.  And we love what we do!  We take the hard work out of insurance for you, ensuring you have cover that suits your needs at a competitive price.  Most importantly, we handle all of your insurance claims from start to finish to ensure the best result for you.  

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Home Insurance

Protects your home and contents against accidental damage, fire, flood, cyclone etc.   Cover  extends to protect your personal items away from your home. 

Car Insurance

Covers your vehicle for full accidental damage, theft and public liability.  We can insure your car, motorcycle, caravan or even your 4 wheler.

Landlords Insurance

Provides cover for your investment property, including accidental damage, damage caused by your tenants and loss of rent cover.

Boat Insurance

Protects your boat against accidental damage, theft and any public liability claims.  From runabouts to cruisers to commercial vessels.

Caravan Insurance

Covers your caravan, camper trailer or even mobile home against accidental damage, theft and public liability claims. Cover extends to any contents inside.