Management Liability Insurance

Covers the financial exposures your business may face in it’s day to day running!

  • Employee harassment claims
  • Wrongful dismissal claims
  • Statutory fines & penalties
  • Tax audit 
  • Employee Discrimination claims
  • Workplace Health & Safety fines
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • ASIC audit costs

How Management Liability protects you!

Management Liability is designed to protect a company and it’s directors and officers for an alleged breach or omission of their duties!

Company Liability

Designed to protect your company from claims arising from alleged wrongful acts, mismanagement or misrepresentation, including breach of contract and tax audit.

Directors & Officers Liability

Helps to protect the personal assets of a company director or officer if held personally liable for failure in carrying out their business duties properly.

Employment Practices Liability

Protects you from claims bought against you by employees (or potential employees) such as harassment, discrimination or wrongful dismissal.

Statutory Liability

Covers certain fines and penalties as the result of breaches of legislation (eg. workplace health and safety), as well as expenses incurred in defending or settling claims.

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Northern Insurance Solutions can assist with all of your Business and Personal Insurance needs.

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Protects your business against legal action for property damage or bodily damage as a result of your negligence.

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Business Insurance

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