Earthmoving Contractors Insurance

We can design an insurance package specifically tailored to the needs of your Earthmoving business, no matter how large or small!

  • Commercial Motor
  • Portable Property 
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Dry Hired Plant
  • Underground Cover
  • Public Liability
  • Loss of Profits Cover
  • Vibration Cover available
  • Hired in Plant
  • 24 hour claims assistance

How we protect North Queensland's Earthmoving Contractors!

Northern Insurance Solutions is recognised as one of North Queensland’s leading brokers when it comes to Earthmoving, whether it be for mining, civil or farming clients.

Commercial Motor Insurance

Covers accidental damage and theft of your vehicle or machine,  along with Public Liability for road registered items.

Public Liability

Protects your Earthmoving business against legal action for property damage or bodily damage as a result of your negligence.

Portable Property Insurance

Protects your mobile property such as GPS tablets, base stations and tools whilst away from your machine for accidental damage or theft.

Consequential Loss Cover

Covers your lost income due to vehicle down time as a result of an accident, theft or even due to a breakdown of the machine.

Breakdown Cover

Pays for the costs to repair your machine in the event of mechanical or electrical breakdown.   Generally covers transportation and dismantling costs.

Dry Hire Insurance

Protects your machines whilst dry hired to a third party.  Cover can be extended to protect the hirer themselves to ensure your customers are fully protected.

Covers All Equipment

From Graders to Excavators to Cranes and Drilling Rigs.  We can protect every machine in your business, regardless of where it’s used.

Shot Firers Cover

We can assist with Public Liability cover should you handle or detonate explosives.

Some other things you may be interested in

Northern Insurance Solutions can assist with all of your Business needs as well as Personal and Life Insurance needs.

Business Insurance

A Business Insurance package can protect all of your business insurance needs under one policy, including any portable property.

Management Liability

Protects your company and it’s directors and officers for their actions and responsibilities in running a company.  Every company should consider. 

Sickness / Accident

Pays an ongoing income to you whilst you are unable to work due to illness or injury.  May help to ensure you can meet the living costs of you and your family.

We keep good Company

Just some of the insurance partners we team with:-


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