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NIS Performance Guarantee

We are the ones YOU want in your corner – ALL year round.
This is what YOU can expect from us!

The whole point of insurance is preparing for the unexpected and when that does happen, we will be there for you. Whether it’s your Business, Home, or Vehicles, you work hard for your assets, and we work hard for you.

We are available all throughout the year to assist with all thing’s insurance, from sourcing you the most competitive cover, identifying and managing areas of exposure, to, what we think is the most important – working for YOU to ensure your claims are settled as efficiently as possible.

Our Performance Guarantee Promise

From Day 1

From the moment you step into our office you will be greeted by our welcoming and friendly team.  Along with feeling comfortable dealing with us, we have collectively over 50 years of knowledge ensuring you are receiving an informed and tailored option for your insurance requirements.

Ongoing support

We welcome our clients to pop into our local office with any insurance queries – we love to keep in contact with you! With 8 members in our power team, we strive to handle your requests as quickly as possible.

Claim management

Everyone has insurance claims. With NIS having a dedicated Claims Officer it promises that the process of your claim is managed effectively. Saving you from being on hold for hours and painful negotiations, your claim will be finalised as efficiently as possible with NIS! You better believe it when we say sometimes, we would hate to be the insurer on the other end of the call with Michelle, she will not accept anything less than the best outcome for you.

Renewing your policies

12 months comes and goes so fast and with your policies coming due for renewal you can look forward to hearing from us to ensure your requirements have not changed and you are covered in the most effective way possible.

Want to experience the NIS Performance Guarantee?

We welcome you to come into our local office and meet our experienced team.  Take some time to learn about our exclusive methodology that continues to reward our customers (each giving us 5 Star reviews).

Call now on (07) 4783-1310 or email info@northerninsurance.com.au 

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