How Reputable Brokers Can Provide Quality Insurance Advice on NQ’s Cyclone Insurance Pool

ACCC Insurance Monitoring Report

Download the full ACCC Insurance Monitoring Report December 2023 to learn understand how the cyclone reinsurance pool.

Welcome to our latest blog post by Northern Insurance Solutions, where we delve into the ACCC Insurance Monitoring Report for December 2023.

This comprehensive report marks the second annual analysis following the introduction of the cyclone and cyclone-related flood damage reinsurance pool.

As extreme weather events, particularly cyclones, continue to pose significant risks, the impact on private property can be devastating. These events not only displace residents but also disrupt businesses and inflict long-term damage on communities.

Given the heightened cyclone risk in northern Australia, insurance premiums have soared, making coverage less accessible and affordable for many. With climate change expected to intensify these extreme weather events, ensuring access to affordable insurance has become a critical concern.

In response, the Australian Government established the cyclone reinsurance pool in 2022 to reduce reinsurance costs and, ultimately, lower premiums for high-risk households and small businesses.

Over the following five years, the ACCC will monitor the pool’s impact, assess whether the savings are reaching policyholders, and evaluate the pool’s effectiveness in achieving its goals.

This report is an analysis of insurers’ prices, costs, and profits, highlighting that policyholders in northern Australia continue to face substantially higher insurance costs than those in other regions.

Throughout our engagement with communities in northern Australia, the report heard firsthand about the financial pressures and high expectations for the savings the pool promises.

While the pool aims to make insurance premiums more affordable, it is still in the early stages. Insurers only began joining the pool in early 2023, with many joining around mid-year.

Consequently, the early effects of the pool are not yet fully reflected in the current data.

Despite the relatively limited cyclone-related damage in 2022–23, other extreme weather events have continued to impact communities nationwide. Our report also examines how insurers are implementing the pool and their strategies for passing on the savings.

The process has proven complex, requiring changes in reinsurance arrangements and traditional risk modelling and pricing approaches.

The effectiveness of the pool in delivering savings to consumers will depend on how insurers manage this transition. Their ability to adapt and reward consumers for private risk mitigation investments will significantly influence the pool’s success in providing much-needed relief to high-risk areas.

You can download the full ACCC Insurance Monitoring Report December 2023 from the link below to gain deeper insights into these developments and understand how the reinsurance pool is shaping the future of insurance affordability in cyclone-prone regions.

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The Role of Insurance Brokers: Impartial Advocates for Policyholders

Navigating the complexities of insurance, especially in high-risk areas, can be challenging. This is where reputable insurance broker like Northern Insurance Solution can play a crucial role.

Acting on behalf of you, the policyholder, brokers provide impartial and personalised insurance advice, ensuring that you select the best policy to suit your specific needs. Unlike insurance agents who represent insurers, brokers work for you, offering unbiased guidance and helping you compare different policies and premiums.

By understanding your unique circumstances and the intricacies of various insurance products, brokers can tailor recommendations that maximise your coverage while minimising costs e.g. removing the things you don’t need.

They are adept at negotiating with insurers on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the most favourable terms and conditions.

Engaging a knowledgeable insurance broker can significantly enhance your ability to secure affordable and comprehensive insurance, particularly in regions prone to extreme weather events like cyclones.

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