Does Home Insurance Cover a Home Based Business?

Working From Home Insurance Policy with Northern Insurance Solutions

IMPORTANT things to consider when running a business from home – do you have sufficient insurance cover?

Have you considered working from home?

Why not? – minimal disruptions, a flexible working schedule and best of all, you can stay in the comfort of your own home!

Read our article to ensure you are well-informed on the insurance requirements of working from home.

What does my Home Business need to be covered for?

Whether you’re a hairdresser, operate a home day care or work a trade from your shed – at the very least you require Liability Insurance.

Having Liability Insurance will cover you against an incident you’re legally liable for when customers are coming onto your property for business purposes as well as incidents that may occur from the operations of the business.

Some other covers to consider when looking into protecting your business are contents, stock, theft, breakdown or tools of trade.

Will my Home Insurance cover me working from home?

One of the most common myths when thinking of covering your business is that your Home Insurance will automatically cover you because you’re at home, right?

WRONG!  Whilst some Home and Contents policies will cover a Home Office set up, it will still need to be disclosed.

More information such as how many customers you have visiting or where your office is located (ie is it separate to your main living area) will need to be confirmed.

You need to think of your business as a business.

Keeping your Home and Business Insurances separate is the best way to ensure there will be no grey areas in the event of a claim, therefore avoiding either a reduced payment or total decline.  Talking to your broker is the best way to ensure you are covered correctly.

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