Tornados in Australia – What you need to know!

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What do we need to know about Tornados in Australia?

Australia’s east coast is approaching peak tropical storm season. This is the time of year, warmer and cooler air masses are colliding, triggering storms that become supercells, generating large hail and even tornadoes.

Why do we have Tornados?

Tornadoes are powerful columns of air stretching from the ground to the clouds. Tornadoes most commonly occur during severe thunderstorms called supercell storms, but they can also form from cyclones.

They require warm, moist air and cool, dry air to combine which in closing can form vertical funnels of rapidly spinning air, commonly known as a Tornado.

Are we expecting more Tornados?

Australia isn’t normally associated with Tornadoes, but unfortunately, they are becoming a more regular occurrence. Tornadoes can occur on 6 of the 7 continents of the world, with only Antarctica excluded.

There is not enough evidence to show whether Tornadoes will become a more frequent weather event with climate change, but with Spring bringing more thunderstorms this is where we are more likely to see Tornadoes occur.

Do Tornados happen in Queensland?

On 29th November 1992, Queensland experienced two of Australia’s most powerful Tornadoes recorded in Australia. Since then, there have been approximately 12 Tornadoes reported in Queensland all occurring between late September to mid-March.

It is very likely that more Tornadoes have occurred around Queensland but due to low population numbers, these have not been documented.

Do we need Tornado Insurance?

As Tornadoes occur as a result of severe thunderstorms or cyclone conditions the subsequent damage is normally covered under most insurance policies that cover these types of events.

However, as each policy and provider is different, it’s a good idea to check if your policy does provide adequate protection.

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